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On Wednesday, December 2nd, Discovery will present a global broadcast of Racing Extinction, a powerful eco-thriller from Academy Award®–winning director, Louie Psihoyos. Inspired by the message in the film, #StartWith1Thing is a call-to-action to each and every one of us across the globe to make small changes in our lives that will have a huge impact on the world.

How-to #StartWith1Thing

  1. Pick your 1 Thing from the list.
  2. Print card. Fill in how you’re going to #StartWith1Thing to save the planet.
  3. Take a selfie or video of yourself promoting your 1 Thing.
  4. Share on social media.
  5. Help build the global movement – ask friends and family to #StartWith1Thing by watching Racing Extinction Wednesday, December 2 on Discovery.
  6. Once everyone sees the movie, they’ll be inspired to #StartWith1Thing.

My 1 Thing is...

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Join the global movement and see what others are doing to make our world a better place.